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Smooth and Reshape
Microdermabrasion is a rapid and painless beauty treatment that eliminates damaged skin cells. In fact, the aim is to reduce the different types of skin problems related to age and not. Through a deep exfoliation it is possible to remove the superficial layer of the skin, obtaining tissue oxygenation and stimulation to cell renewal.

Microdermabrasion is suitable to attenuate:

  • spots caused by sun exposure and hyperpigmentation
  • wrinkles
  • large pores
  • scars due to acne or other causes
  • skin thickening
  • stretch marks

Microdermabrasion works by exfoliating the most superficial layer of the skin, eliminating damaged cells and promoting cell turnover. It also stimulates the production of collagen, which with age advances is noticeably reduced causing sagging skin.

There are many products designed for skin exfoliation, but microdermabrasion guarantees immediate visible results, for a regenerating and anti-age effect from the first session. This type of deep exfoliation is certainly the first step to be taken to prepare the skin to receive other targeted treatments.

Microdermabrasion is performed with a portable device that performs a dual action of rubbing and suction.
In practice, a handpiece directs a rain of micro-crystals of aluminum hydroxide onto the skin, which, thanks to their slightly abrasive action, lift the cells damaged by the epidermis. At the same time, both crystals and exfoliated skin are aspirated by an instrument called vacu, leaving the skin immediately fresher and healthier.
By eliminating dead cells from the skin surface, the absorption of the active ingredients will be facilitated and intensified if a specific treatment has been programmed following microdermabrasion. One session lasts about 10 minutes and it is a non-traumatic procedure for the skin, performed without anesthesia as it is not painful.
Included in the Specific Face Treatment - € 60
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