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To combat cellulite it is important to review your lifestyle by adopting a healthy diet and practicing regular physical activity. But if you are looking for shock strategies that can speed up the results, anti-cellulite massages are the ideal solution: they help reduce orange-peel skin, as they regenerate the tissues with manipulation techniques that act in a targeted manner on the affected areas, especially thighs and buttocks, but not only. In this way the connective state of the skin is reactivated, oxygenated and regenerated. Anti-cellulite massages also help to drain excess fluids, eliminating waste and toxins that cause inflammation. There are several massage techniques: those that work on the most superficial layer activating the lymphatic system and those that stimulate the connective tissue with a more vigorous and energetic intervention to improve blood circulation. However, to maintain the results it is important to undergo cycles to be rationalized during the year. Even if the anti-cellulite massage will not cure the problem definitively, it will surely help to reduce its imperfections.
Price: 40€
50 minutes
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