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Electrocoagulation is practiced by introducing a small needle into the hair canal. The needle is insulated (shielded needle) in all its length except the tip which is made of surgical steel. The diameter being very small allows the necessary flexibility to follow the oblique invagination of the canal.
The needle works as an electrode and the passage of the current causes a thermal rise at the level of the follicle. The increase in temperature is so rapid and intense that it causes the cells of the hair follicle to coagulate and its consequent "death". At this point the hair that is no longer retained in its seat is pulled off with tweezers.
At the bottom of the loose hair you will notice a white gelatinous area that is the coagulated cells.
Suitable for all skin types and treatments for all types of hair.
Duration varies depending on the area treated.
€1 / minute
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