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Curative Manicure

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Don't neglect your hands ...

It is a treatment required especially by those with broken, damaged or flaked nails. In addition to this, it is possible to perform the nail reconstruction with gel is required when the nails are damaged, broken or flaked, but also to show off more beautiful and fashionable hands.

The fundamental difference between aesthetic manicure and curative manicure consists in the fact that the stages of the aesthetic manicure treatment are carried out on nails that do not present pathologies and that have not, for example, had the need to be treated for reconstruction because they are damaged by onychophagia or because there are ingrown or flaking nails, lifting due to mushrooms.

The curative manicure is therefore aimed at resolving and treating nails of the hands with problems that need for example to remove excess cuticles, to rehydrate with paraffin treatment very chapped and dehydrated hands, presence of calluses.

The curative manicure is therefore distinguished from the aesthetic manicure because it treats more complex problems of the hands, which however are not linked to diseases that require medical intervention. In these latter cases, the client is referred to the dermatologist, podiatrist etc. depending on the type of problem encountered.
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