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Lymphatic Drainage Vodder

Manual lymph drainage was born in the 1930s by Emil Vodder, a physiotherapist who devised a method to act on the lymphatic system. The manual skills are delicate and aimed at reducing liquid stagnation, its indications are many:
  • Antiedematous effect> PEFS type and edematous stage
  • Increase immune defenses> Anti-infective in preventions, but also for Acne and Accidental Injuries
  • Healing Effect> Post Surgical Operation
  • Regenerating Effect> Hypolipidic Skin / Asphittic / Senescent / Couperose / Excoriations / Rhagades / Tears
  • Improve circulation> Slow or damaged / defected circulation problems
  • Draining Effect> Deflate Ecchymosis, Varicose Veins (on the sides)
  • Analgesic effect> Relaxes thanks to rhythmic and slow movements, contractures
  • Swollen arm syndrome> With the Mastectomy the lymph nodes of the axilla are exported and the lymphatic circulation of the arm is partly occluded
  • Carpal Tunnel / Tennis Elbow / Inflammed> The tendon, muscle and various types of inflammation created Edema build-up, draining it will stimulate the production of new fluids giving a regenerating effect.

Price: 60€
60 minuts
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